THE 12 TRAMPAS FAMILIES. Compiled by Stanley A Lucero and Lorraine Aguilar. Full name of Las Trampas: Santo Tomas Apostol del Rio de las Trampas. Land Grant given by Governor Tomas Velez Cachipin in July 15, 1751. The 12 Trampas families lived in the Analco District of Santa Fe before 1751. The Analco District was the poor section of Santa Fe across the river from the Spanish settlements. Trampas was established as a buffer town using the genizaros between the Spaniards and the Indians in the hopes of stopping the Indian raids on the Spanish settlements.

Most of the information about the 12 families of las Trampas was gathered from the following Catholic Church records: Catholic churches in Santa Fe; Santa Cruz de la Canada in Santa Cruz, Misión de San Lorenzo de Picuris in the Picuris Reservation, Iglesia Católica de San Antonio in Peñasco and the San Jose de Gracia Catholic Church in Trampas. The individuals included Tlaxcalans, jenízaros, coyotes, a family from Africa, and other mixed blood individuals (Europeans, Mexican Indian, and New Mexico Indian).

A BRIEF HISTORY OF LOS TRAMPEROS by Jerol Arguello. “Most of us have always been intrigued with family history and in most cases when we begin to inquire about our family history our parents or family members provide us with some of the information.”

Jose Aragon 1737-1797, son of Ambrosio de Aragon and Casilda Gonzalez

Married Melchora Leyba, daughter of Jose de Leyva and Maria Bonifacia de Ontiveros in 1754 at the Misión de San Lorenzo. Children: Juan Jose Guadalupe; Antonia Rosa; Maria Casilda; Maria Beronica; Juan Joseph de la Luz; Maria Antonia Casilda; Juan Santiago; and Francisco Antonio.

Jose de Aragon married Maria Barbara Lucero, daughter of Vicente Lucero & Manuela Rodriguez Jorge in 1797 at Misión de San Lorenzo. No children found.

Juan de Arguello abt 1672-1789, son of Juaquin de Arguello and Juana Gutierrez

Married Juana Gregoria Brito 1699-1770, daughter of Juan de Leon Brito and Maria de los Reyes Granillo in 1715 in Santa Fe. Children: Juan Jose; Juana Gertrudis; Joachin; Anna Maria; Andrea; Zomona; and Barbara Rita.

Juan Jose de Arguello abt 1715-1783, son of Juan de Arguello and Juana Gregoria Brito.

Married Joaquina Rodriguez, daughter of Melchor Rodriguez and Clara de Villareal in 1746 in Santa Fe. Children: Jose Martin; Maria de la Antigual; Joseph Tomas; Juan Salvador; Juan Tomas; Joseph; Antonio de la Santisima Trinidad; Juan Maria Ana; Ysidro de Jesus; Maria Manuela; Clara Maria; and Maria Marta.

Salvador Baca (Pando), parents unknown

Married Maria Marques, daughter of Ygnacio and Gertrudis in 1735 at San Juan de los Caballeros. Children: Juan Miguel; Martin Leon; Joachin; Anna Maria; Ysabel Veronica; and Juan Candelario.

Married Maria de la Luz Garcia Basques, parents unknown, in 1766 at Misión de San Lorenzo. Children: Juan Jose; Maria Dolores; Joseph, and Thomas Antonio.

Antonio Dominguez, parents unknown

Married Quinteria Padilla, parents unknown, in 1732 in Santa Fe. Children: Maria Josepha, Manuel, and Joseph Manuel.

Juan Garcia (Juan Antonio Garzia), parents unknown

Married Juliana Rodriguez, parents unknown, in 1746 at Missions de San Lorenzo. Children: Maria de la Antigua; Antonio Joseph, Theodora Monica, and Maria de la Luz.

Eusebio de Leyba, son of Jose de Leyva and Maria Bonifacia de Ontiveros

Married Maria Manuela Arguello, daughter of Juan Jose de Arguello and Joaquina Rodriguez, in 1737 in Santa Fe. Children: Maria Juana; Crostobal de Balbanera; Maria Josepha; Maria Agustina; and Maria Rosa.

Luis (Francisco) de Lebya 1711 Sant Fe – 1773 Trampas, son of Jose de Leyva and Maria Bonifacia de Ontiveros

Married Juana Gertrudis de Arguello 1715 Santa Fe – abt 1781 Trampas, daughter of Juan de Arguello and Juana Gregoria Brito, in 1731 in St Francis Parish in Santa Fe. Children: Juan Antonio; Maria Antonia Nicolasa; Salvador Antonio; Vicente; Manuela Gertrudis; Antonia Manuela; Jose Baltasar; Maria de Loreto; Juan Francisco; and Antonio de la Santisima

Vicente Lucero, parents unknown

Married Manuela Rodriguez Jorge, parents unknown, before 1752. Children: Maria Barbara; Veronica Remigia; Joseph; Balentin Leonardo; and Antonio Mathias

Married Quiteria Manzanares, parents unknown. No known children.

Melchor Rodriguez, son of Sebastian Rodriguez and Isabael Olguin.

Married Clara de Villareal, parents unknown, mariiage information unknown. Children: Joaquina; Bernardina, and Pedro Felipe.

Married Ana Maria Arguello, parents unknown, marriage information unknown. Child: Jose Baltasar

NOTE: Sebastian Rodriguez, father of Melchor, was born before 1654 in Rio Llaneno, San Pablo de Loanda, Guinea, Africa.

Pedro Felipe Rodriguez abt 1730 m- 1789, son of Melchor Rodriguez and Clara ce Villareal

No records found of marriage or children found.

Ygnacio Vargas

Married Juana Maria Vigil. Nor record of marriage found. No record of children found.