Whenever possible, we go into bilingual, dual immersion, and ELD classrooms to sing with the children in Spanish. We also perform for children at Fresno County Libraries during the summer. We can come to your school sing in your classrooms, provide parent/child concerts after school or conduct staff workshops! Please contact us if you are interested in having Stanley and/or Yolanda come to your conference or your school to do workshops, classroom presentations or parent/children concerts.

Our fees are a combination of daily or hourly fees plus traveling costs.  CD orders will reduce the amount of the total fees.


If you are singing with your students in Spanish, I want to come to your school.  Includes a sample children’s concert songlist.


Description of what I can do at your school as a consultant: Classroom visitations, Workshops and/or Concerts. Suggested fees.

Pictures of Stanley

Pictures of me over the years with my family and playing guitar.

Resume June 2007

Lists groups I have worked with at home and at school.

Lucerito’s Music Lyrics 14 pages [pdf]

Please make copies of lyrics to share with your staff, students and parents.

Cancionero Lucero [pdf]

Lyrics to traditional and popular songs to use with your performing groups.

Cancionero para Dia de los muertos

Lyrics to traditional songs that can be used for Dia de los muertos

Tlaxcalan Indians and Genealogy Ideas

Handout for Cosecha 2009 regarding research on the Tlaxcaltecas, my ancestors, with classroom ideas for family / ancestry units of instruction.  For more information, click on the Genealogy tab at the top of this page.

Children’s Games in Spanish

Handout of musical games in Spanish with game instructions.


El Coyote – Writing Ideas

The word coyote is an animal from the Southwest, the youngest child, a human smuggler, a cartoon figure, and the child of a European and New Mexico Indian.

New Mexico Music

With a base of hundreds of years of a unique language and culture, the music of New Mexico is very special to us.

Spanish Music for Preschool Children

The music of our grandparents helps our children value their cultural heritage.  Non-Spanish speakers learn to appreciate other cultures.

Spanish Children’s Songs for Younger Students

Includes songs with clip art.  Cut and paste for your own needs.

Traditional English and Spanish Songs for your Performing Groups

I strongly encourage you to start a music performing group at your school.  Consider using these songs with your music performing students.