Song Arrangements

Play along with each song until you no longer make any mistakes. Practice makes perfect! Be sure to tune your instrument before you start. Contact me if you would like me to upload the lyrics with chords or sheet music to a specific song- specify the name of the song in your message..

Atotonilco (in C)

Polka. Canción ranchera composed before 1938 by Juan José Espinoza Guevara. Recorded by Hermanas Huerta. Chords: C and G7

Play Atotonilco
Play Atotonilco tempo 70

Cachita (in C)

Guarancha. Rafael Hernández Marín from Puerto Rico. Chords: C, F, F#, and G7

Play Cachita
Cariño (in C)

Boloro. Composer unknown. Chords: C, Am, Dm, and G7

Play Carino
Cerro de la silla (in C)

Shotis. Composer unknown. Chords: C and G7

Play Cerro de la silla
Chile piquin (in G)

Huapango from Texas. Composer Unknown Chords: G, G7, C, and D7

Play Chile pequin
Cien años (in C)

Bolero. Alberto Cervantes and Rubén Fuentes before 1950.  Performed by Pedro Infante in movie “Cuidado con el amor” in 1956. Chords: C, C7, Dm7, G7, Am, F, Fm, and D7

Play Cien años
De colores (in C)

Vals. Traditional song from Mexico. Most likely came from Spain in the 15th Century. Chords: C, C7, F, and G

Play De colores
La bikina (in G)

Son. Rubén Fuentes 1964. Chords: G, G7, Am, A7, B7, C, Dm7, Em, and F#m

Play La bikina
La Llorona (in Am)

Vals. Traditional song from Oaxaca.  Look up the story of La Llorona. Chords: Am, Dm, E7, F, and G

Play La Llorona
La zandunga (in Dm)

Vals. Traditional song from Oaxaca.  Chords: Dm, and A7

Play La zandunga
Los tres Reyes Magos (in Dm)

Bolero tropical. Traditional Inca Christmas song. Chords: Dm, F, Gm, A7, and C7

Play Los tres Reyes Magos
María Isabel (in F)

Cumbia. Jose Moreno y Luis Moreno. Chords: F, F7, Bb and C7

Play María Isabel
Moliendo café (in Em)

Bolero tropical. José Manzo Perroni de Venezuela 1956. Chords: Em, Am, F#7, B7, D7,  and Gmaj7

Play Moliendo café
Ojos españoles (in C)

Bolero. 1965 Moon Over Naples (Spanish Eyes) composed by Bert Kaempfert, German composer, based on Paraguayan folk song Mi despedida.  Lyrics by Charles Singleton and Eddie Snyder.  Still searching for person who wrote Ojos españoles lyrics. Chords: C, C7,Dm, F, Fm, G7, and Am

Play Ojos españoles
Rosa María (in F)

Cumbia. Composer unknown. Chords: F, Bb, and C7

Play Rosa María
Solamente una vez (in C)

Bolero. Dora Luz y Agustín Lara from Veracruz, 1941 Chords: C and G7

Play Solamente una vez
Un rinconcito en el cielo (in F)

Polka. Norteña by Ramon Ayala. Chords: F, F7, Gm, Bb, C, C7, and Dm

Play Un rinconcito en el cielo
Vuela paloma (in C)

Vals. Luis De Llano and Roberto Concina. Chords: C and G7

Play Vuela paloma