El coyote

 - Coyotito, ¿Para dónde vas? -  
 -A la hacienda de San Nicolás  
 a buscar gallinitas que tú no me das.-   
 -Ven, yo te daré –
 Chilla manteca, 
 Chilla manteca, 
 Chilla manteca, 
 Chilla manteca 

LIRICA INFANTIL DE MEXICO de Vicente Mendoza. El Concilio de México.  México, D.F., 1951. Remembered by Luz Maria Martin [age 85] in1915.


Coyotito para donde vas – arms out & palms up in questioning pose

A la hacienda de San Nicolas – point to hacienda

A buscar gallinitas – Hand over eyes & palm down and look in all directions

Que tu no me das – move index finger from left to right

Ven – use hands for coyote to come to you

Yo te dare – hands out with palms up forming a plate

Chilla manteca – Move hands up and spread fingers like the splattering of oil in a hot pan


Students hold hands in a circle and walk clockwise while singing El coyote.

One student inside the circle represents la gallina and is teasing el coyote.

One student circling around the students represents el coyote looking for a hole in the ground under the held hands.

When the students sing chilla manteca, they stop walking and defend la gallina. El coyote tries to enter the circle under the held hands. If el coyote comes in the circle, the gallina can escape with the help of the children holding hands.