Music in Spanish for your classroom and your home.

Our Message

We are both retired bilingual teachers and continue to work with students, teachers and parents. Our goals are to inspire individuals to become multilingual, productive members of society and who aim to constantly improve themselves.

We are still encouraging parents and teachers to use children’s songs and games in Spanish on a regular basis in their homes and their classrooms.

Yolanda is working with Project to Inspire in Spanish and English with groups of parents throughout California.

Stanley is working as a Ballet Folklorico y Marimba de Fresno music teacher with students learning to perform and play instruments from Mexico and the United States.

Stanley is a Manito from northern New Mexico and Yolanda is a Tejana from south Texas. We are both searching for information about our ancestors.


Children’s Music in Spanish passed on to us from generation to generation. Perfect for use at home and in the classroom.

Music for performances include many styles (boleros, polkas, cumbias, huapangos, etc.) and many instruments (guitar, marimba, congas, jaranas, guitarrones, vihuelas, etc.). Organize your school groups [marimba band, mariachi, coro, estudiatina, etc.), practice regularly, and perform for the public.


Become multilingual and participate in more than two cultures.

Become a bilingual, dual language teacher to provide students the opportunities to become bilingual – bicultural with academic skills in two languages.


We use Family Tree Maker and Ancestry to organize and record information about our ancestors.

We have organized information about specific ancestors and other topics of interest to us.


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We have offered many workshops and performances at local and state conferences and for community functions.